Crazy Christmas Crafts

Alrighty, so I have to say this blog stuff takes more time than I thought… or I could be just slow at it since it’s so new to me. Anyways I said I would post how to make a wool felt ball wreath and here it is. You will need to get wool felt balls, you can order them from etsy or I ordered a whole bunch of them here. You will need a couple hundred depending on the size of your wreath. You will also need a strong sewing needle and upholstery or heavy duty thread. Regular sewing will break so be sure to purchase heavy duty thread and a needle that can accommodate the thread. Last you need to get a wire wreath frame. I found mine at Michaels for about $3.

So start off by tying your thread and stab 3 balls, then wrap and weave your thread around the frame and stab 3 or 4 balls and repeat. Basically you want to weave your thread around the frame while adding more balls until your wreath is complete. Don’t be afraid to adjust how many balls you stab at a time so they fit the frame nicely. Then when you are all finished, get really excited, hang and enjoy!

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